Un Poyo Rojo

Alfonso Barón, Luciano Rosso

Creation: Alejandro Ferrer, Paola Evelina

Type: Physical theatre

Public: Tout public (à partir de 10 ans)

Direction: Hermes Gaido

Distribution: Alfonso Barón, Luciano Rosso et un poste de radio!

Choreography: Luciano Rosso et Nicolás Poggi

The Show

Let yourself be carried away by this amazing sensory experience, where sports competition, dance, theatre and acrobatics meet… Un Poyo Rojo portrays two males who seek each other, provoke each other, confront each other, desire each other and then unite in the changing rooms of a sports hall. Using movement and without a word, they propose, with humour and energy, to experiment with different ways of getting in touch and creating a relationship.  This leaves the spectators free to interpret their own ideas…

The show has been sold out for ten years all around the world. An irresistible distortion of male patterns.



“★★★★★ Enormously talented performers, and they can do just about anything with their bodies, with each other and with the audience they have captivated.” – SGFringe

Un Poyo Rojo looks like a beady-eyed exploration of masculinity.” – The Guardian

“The grace, athleticism, precision and comic timing are immaculate” – StageDoor

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