Chicos Mambo

Creation: Maxime Doucet & Michel Cavalca

Type: Dansce / Singing

Public: Tout public (à partir de 8 ans)

Direction: Philippe Lafeuille

Distribution: François Auger, Antonin "Tonbee" Cattaruzza, Phanuel Erdmann, Pierre Emmanuel Langry, Antonio Macipe, Julien Mercier, Samir M’Kirech, Adrien Picaut, Stéphane Vitrano (et en alternance Antoine Audras)

Choreography: Philippe Lafeuille

The Show

CAR/MEN highlights 9 male comedians and dancers, featuring a countertenor interpreting the role of Carmen. Inheriting the now renowned comic and visual signature of Philippe Lafeuille’s creations, CAR/MEN blurs the lines between Opera and Ballet and plays on the ambivalence between masculinity and femininity, thus questioning the quintessence of Carmen’s character. The piece challenges the audience’s reference point of Bizet’s Opera by mixing humor, singing, clowning and adding participatory video projection as a décor. Philippe Lafeuille and the Chicos Mambo offer a unique 2.0 version of Carmen in just 75 minutes.



“The meaning of the Carmen myth is transcended. Success guaranteed!” – MRTnews International.

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