Luciano Rosso

Creation: José Saccone

Type: Spectacle théâtral

Public: Tout public

Author: Cocréation : Luciano Rosso & Maria Saccone

Direction: Maria Saccone

Distribution: Luciano Rosso

The Show

After playing in over 1000 performances in 20 different countries around the world with the physical theatre phenomenon Un Poyo Rojo, Luciano Rosso presents us with a humorous and intimate one-man show.

Created during the spring lockdown of 2020, this show offers us a reflection on isolation and the increasingly connected world in which we live in. Interpreting around forty sassy and whimsical characters, Luciano Rosso presents a whole multitude of creative facets by pushing to the extreme his preferred performance domains such as lip sync and mime. Comic and poignant, the actor with millions of views in Youtube plunges us into a fantasy world of which he alone has the secret.


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