Thomas Enhco

Piano Solo

Creation: Photo : Franck Loriou ; Affiche : Jérémie Rolland

Type: Music

Public: Tout public

Distribution: Thomas Enhco

The Show

Pianist prodigy, Thomas Enhco has already played with a large number of renowned musicians: Jane Birkin, Ibrahim Maalouf, Vassilena Serafimova, Didier Lockwood… For his 30th birthday, he releases his new album Thirty at the crossroads between jazz and classical music. He unveils a very personal music with original compositions in solo piano, a Concerto for Piano and Orchestra and other improvisations that will not fail to make you vibrate.



“Prokofiev is 30 years old. His name is Thomas Enhco.” — TSF Jazz

“A mastered, constructed, very expressive work, without facility. We’re really halfway between classical and jazz.” — France Musique

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