Kulunka Teatro

Creation: David Ruiz

Type: Mask theater

Public: Tout public

Direction: Iñaki Rikarte

Distribution: José Dault, Garbiñe Insausti, Edu Cárcamo

The Show

Solitudes tells with humor and humanity the story of family members who, due to a lack of communication, gradually plunge into loneliness. The protagonist of Solitudes is an old man who feels misunderstood because he only seeks simple things from his family, apparently so insignificant that his relatives cannot appreciate their true importance.

The play has already been performed more than 150 times in a dozen different countries. It has also been awarded several prizes, including the MAX prize for the best theater show in 2018 (Spain).



A silence is worth a thousand words in this bittersweet comedy about the ravages of solitude. […] A crystalline sensitivity runs through the whole play…”
– El Pais

” […] Their generous ability to present such a complete theatre capable of offering a moral lesson without being pedantic, of dealing with the shortcomings that we suffer in a way of life that is contrary to reason, simply from heart to heart.”

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