La Femme Qui Danse

Théâtre du Corps Pietragalla - Derouault

Creation: Pascal Elliott

Type: Dance

Public: Tout public

Author: Marie-Claude Pietragalla

Direction: Julien Derouault

Distribution: Marie-Claude Pietragalla

Choreography: Marie-Claude Pietragalla

The Show

The woman who dances, I’ve seen her every day working in the studio holding the bar, stretching her body to make it become the instrument of our imaginations, of our choreographies…

Pietra is now beginning a new work of introspection, revealing the unspeakable of her profession and her art, she is sometimes guide and witness, muse and creator, sometimes actress and dancer. She plunges into her psychic and organic memory to bring out faces, encounters and moments of dance.

Orality in choreographic art is essential for Pietra, she wishes to combine oral testimony and memory of the body. Here she is the author of texts that shed light on her thoughts, feelings, experiences and sources of inspiration. Defining herself as a woman who dances, Pietra reveals us what constitutes a life journey“.

Julien Derouault



“Emotion Guaranteed” – Midi Libre

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