The Foutoukours

Creation: Alexandre Guillaume, André Chevier

Type: Clown

Public: Tout public

Distribution: Rémi Jacques et Jean-Félix Bélanger

The Show

Two strange characters appear on stage.
They are fluffy, soft and ageless.
Will they find out where they are…and where they are going?

They’re waiting…who? What?
They wait that life to goes by, looking for something to do…

They take time to look at each other, to laugh, to cry, to go up and down…
Most of all they take the time to take time.
The surprises of life might indicate them what to do and where to go…

A show full of surprises, softness, circus and magical moments!



“The ideal opportunity to be carried in a universe calm and playful at the same time” – Le Quotidien

“Magnificent show, grandiose, touching and so gentle” – Place des Arts

“Humour and finesse of the direction are the key elements of such a well-executed show” – 100% Culturel

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