Garden Party

Compagnie N°8

Type: Theatre - Comedy

Public: Tout public (à partir de 10 ans)

Direction: Alexandre Pavlata

Distribution: Benjamin Bernard, Stefania Brannetti, Grégory Corre, Carole Fages, Matthieu Lemeunier, Fabrice Peineau, Hélène Risterucci, Frédéric Ruiz, Charlotte Saliou

The Show

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are cordially invited to a garden party like no other where zaniness and absurdity reign. Caricature of a caricature, this show is a ferocious satire of the decadence of the bourgeoisie, combining elements of dance, mime, opera and circus. A hybrid show, a series of sketch where the spirit of Monty Python, Tarantino and Les chiens de Navarre converge!



“A ferocious and joyfully outrageous farce” – Télérama TTT

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