Dance N’Speak Easy

The Wanted Posse

Creation: Little Shao

Type: Breakdance / hip-hop

Public: Tout public (à partir de 5 ans)

Direction: Philippe Lafeuille

Distribution: Jessie Perot, Ibrahim Njoya, Martin Thai, Claude Messi-Fouda, Arthur Grandjean, Marcel Ndjeng

Choreography: Njagui Hagbé

The Show

World reference of French hip hop, the Wanted Posse becomes world champion of hip hop dance in 2001. Dance N’ Speak Easy is the virtuoso know-how of the Wanted Posse, combined with a good dose of humour and a flawless scenography.

Dance N’ Speak Easy takes us back to the troubled years of Prohibition in the United States. By revisiting this equivocal and invigorating universe, they offer an original artistic signature at every stage of the show.



« Wanted Posse hasn’t given up anything over the years, neither in technique nor in scenic invention. »
— Libération

« They dynamite the unambiguous line of hip-hop categories. »
— Le Monde

« A breathtaking dance act, an ultra-contemporary hip-hop revisited with swing and lindy hop, and spiced up with deliciously cheerful burlesque. »
— La Filature

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